Chris on the Issues

Broadband Internet

Modernizing our infrastructure is key to my goals for our area. First and foremost, securing a stable and reliable broadband internet connection for all of my constituents. Access to the internet is the future for almost everything in our society from social interaction to professional relationship building. It’s essential that everyone has modern internet access and I will fight for our path into tomorrow.


 In my first term as Schoharie town supervisor I successfully lowered our taxes. We were one of the only towns to manage this and I am adamant that this trend continue for all of our communities. Keeping more of your hard earned money in your pockets and ensuring that the State doesn’t invade your wallets is a firm belief of mine and I will bring that conviction with me to Albany. 


Local agriculture is the backbone of our economy and having been a dairy farmer I understand just how critical it is to all of our livelihoods. Giving farmers the latitude they need to operate and reducing State red-tape will allow for an agricultural boon in our area. This coupled with working with many agencies, state and private I will help direct much needed funds to promote sustainable agriculture based business to our area.

Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

As Schoharie town supervisor I have fought against the tragedy that the heroin and opioid epidemic and it’s terrible impact on our community. This affliction has ruined lives and torn families apart and it’s far past time to put an end to the suffering. I have attended numerous forums and led town hall meetings to come up with a cohesive plan to drive this scourge from our neighborhoods and homes. Working together and with the grace of God we can work to stop this crisis from taking any more lives.

Economic Development and Infrastructure

Having grown up around business people and being a successful business owner myself I know the trials that local owners go through on a day to day basis. Bringing in grant money to fix out of date and damaged infrastructure is a core goal for any would be legislator. I’ve already made headway in my political career by bringing in money to modernize the source of the Schoharie water supply. I was also able to get the CDBG Grant for Central Bridge to help local businesses and overall infrastructure. I also was able to secure while working alongside Senator James Seward and the office of Agriculture Development for two grants for Hoober Feeds in Central bridge. This experience and my background in business encourages me that there are solutions to improving our local economy and updating our waning infrastructure if we’re willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.

Developmental Disabilities

Two of our core values are compassion and generosity and supporting those of us who suffer from mental disabilities or learning disorders is something that is tragically overlooked by many politicians and lawmakers. No more, I’m dedicated to providing close support and hosting forums throughout the 102nd district to help band our teachers and caretakers together. Creating a strong and robust support network for these brave individuals is one of the best things we can do to make their lives easier and give them as many opportunities as possible.