About Chris

"Big Poppie"

Born and raised in Schoharie, NY Chris is the middle child of 3 children to Lawrence and Naomi. After his maternal grandmother unexpectedly passed away, Chris and his family moved in with his grandfather, “Poppie” and great grandmother, in Central Bridge, NY. 

Chris spent a great deal of time with his grandfather who was a World War II veteran and heavy highway construction equipment master mechanic. His grandparents owned and operated rental cabins, a gas station and a towing company in Sloansville. His “Poppie” also worked at the Penn Dixie Cement plant in Howes Cave. 

“Poppie” always had side work at his house for Chris to do. Pulling transmissions and working on brakes on 10-wheel Mack trucks. Chris was only 10 years old. 

Through this, Chris learned the value of hard work and that small businesses are the backbone of a community. To this day, Chris thinks of Poppie’s influence on him - most of all, dedication to one’s community, hard work, love of God and family. 

Chris attended Schoharie Central School, graduating in 1987. He played seasonal sports, was involved in the Key Club, was Student Council President, and a member of the Future Farmers of America. 

Chris’s parents were always politically active. His father was an elected official, as a Councilman, Town Supervisor in Esperance and County Treasurer and his mother still remains active in the Schoharie County Republican Committee. Chris ran his first political campaign at age 12 and he organized the Schoharie County Young Republicans in 1988. From the age of 12 to the present, Chris has worked on a multitude of political campaigns from school boards to town, county, state and federal campaigns. Chris has always worked hard to elect other great folks to office. 

After graduation, Chris started his own successful dairy farm business in 1987 growing from 25 cows to 75 cows upon selling the business in 1992. 

Soon thereafter, Chris joined Cobleskill Stone Products and he fell in love with the hard work of the laborer position. He was quickly promoted to foreman then again promoted to supervise the maintenance shops and trucking division. He earned the title of Superintendent of the quarry overseeing the entire operation and is currently the General Manager, with the responsibility of company-wide health and safety compliance, environmental compliance, political action, education and community outreach.

Chris is the former Chairman of the Empire State Associated Builders and Contractors, Chairman of the Health and Safety Committee for New York Construction Materials Association, Chairman of the Aggregates Committee. He is the Former President of the Schoharie Fire Department and Former President and Manager of the Schoharie Little League. Chris has also been a manager and coach of men’s ASA softball, AAU 12th grade boys basketball and little league majors All-Stars baseball.

In 2003, Chris was elected as Vice-Chairman of the Schoharie Republican Committee where he served under long-time and revered Chairman Lew Wilson. Upon the passing of Lew earlier this year, Chris was elected to take the helm of the committee and carry on Lew’s legacy. 

In August of 2011, Chris’s life changed forever. His home, property and all of his possessions were completely destroyed by the floods associated with Hurricanes Irene and Lee. When many others just up and left, Chris driven by his love of God, family, our Country, and his community, made the courageous decision to stay and re-build. 

In 2015, Chris was elected Schoharie Town Supervisor. It was no surprise to anyone Chris hit the ground running, working hard, and delivering for the people. 

In just his first term Chris: 

• Cut taxes; continuing to keep them below the state cap – one of the only towns to do so. 

• Broadened the tax base which helped to create jobs and economic growth for the first time since 2011. 

• Created economic development opportunities through assisting businesses and developers to bring several projects to his area. 

• Worked with local County Planning and new Agriculture Development Office to improve infrastructure and bring sustainable agriculture based business to Schoharie. 

• Secured grant funding to correct a more than decade old drinking water quality issue. 

• Supported local first responders and delivered funds for much needed training and equipment. 

• Secured NYSERDA grant to make Schoharie the only town in the county a clean energy community and developed a solar law to become the first town in the county to issue solar permits. 

• Worked closely with County Sheriff’s Department and other officials on the Opioid task force. Led the first town hall meeting to discuss ridding our communities of heroin and other highly addictive illegal drugs. 

  • These are just some of Chris’s accomplishments. Chris now puts his hard work ethic, experience, and love of this state to work for us as a member of the New York State Assembly. As our FULL TIME Assemblyman, no one works harder than Chris to deliver for the people of the 102nd District.